Cassie vs. Ed

SO it begins. Another face off with Ed’s Voice.

As previously mentioned, I am Jewish. This week is Passover. I received permission and clearance by Cherry to participate in the Passover religious restriction of foods and diet.

At first I was ecstatic for the religious clarity.

Tonight, as I sat through seder, I came to realize, yes it felt amazing to do this religiously, but I am scared. Ed was the excited one.

Something I thought was Kosher for Passover turns out not to be. The foods are severely limited. While I have a list of meals approved by Cherry, I found myself defaulting already into the “oh I cannot find something to eat easily, guess I will not eat.” BAD!! BAD BAD BAD! BAD GIRL CASSIE!


Ed. You may have won today. But I will regain this. I am not sure how right now as I am panicky about it. But I see Cherry tomorrow and she will help me regroup against you.


To be continued, Ed.


One thought on “Cassie vs. Ed

  1. I am Jewish as well but I am unable to attend a Sader as all of my Jewish relatives live on the other side of Canada. I do understand this struggle. I had mouth surgery once and had a very limited amount of food I could consume and my ed got excited and that turned into a relapse. My mom has always told me that in Jewish religion, if someone has an illness where they need to eat/drink water on days of fasting/etc, they must not participate in the fast or whatever restricts them from their health. To this day, I don’t partake in fasting for religion because it is far too triggering to my eating disorder. You have to do what is best for you. Please stay strong, don’t give up. Keep fighting this horrific battle because I promise you that life can be beautiful again.


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