Ed Won Today

There is a lot going through my mind–mainly a lot of anger.

Visit with Cherry was productive. Teary but productive. Just so angry with Cindy. Came to realize that she thinks we are best friends but my needs are not a priority. And caught her in a major deceitful lie.

I am calm now so I will not go there right now.

I learned I do not like CPKs gluten free pizza. I love gluten. Sorry!

I will also not be able to participate in Passover which contributed to my upset today. More later.

I restricted today out of sheer anger. Ed won. Ed can have this one. It was better that than acting out the anger. I’m sorry Cherry! But at least I didn’t fuck the anger out!

On the plus side Peter was a major helpful resource today. He ended up turning this day around. He made me smile and laugh. Thank you Peter.

Ed is on the brain and Ed is loving the anger–which means this post is now over.

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