2 Steps Forward, 4 Backward Leaps

Well I was going to tell about my amazing week: major accomplishments, killed it in therapy, impressed myself, and genuinely happy with a guy I’m dating.

And he just told me tonight on our phone date night that he does not have romantic feelings for me.

Basically he has hella shit on his plate and is type A personality so he doesn’t like that he can’t be the perfect boyfriend.

I don’t play games. This is why I was happy accepting being single. And then his asshole self changed that perspective.

Back to broken into pieces–I opened up, let my guard down, and shattered again. Did not see this coming. Neither did my friends.

Fuck men. Cheating, lying, unappreciative, immature beings.

Why shouldn’t I go back to sex binge? What’s so wrong with a woman doing that again? Men do it all the time. Hell. 3 married men asked me to be the other woman today. Again.

I don’t know what it is about me but I sure attract the committed men…


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