Taking the Plunge

I am biting the bullet. I am taking the plunge. I am going to start dancing again.

I still hear Ed’s voice whispering to me. Saying how I will be too fat to dance. That there is no way I will be as good as I was I even close.

This is why I haven’t danced in years. Fear of failure at something I was once one of the best at. Fear of being too fat for a dancer. Fear of that pain.

But after listening to this current guy I am dating talk about how he loves taking ballroom, I have the yearn.

Then yesterday, someone I used to dance with sent me a Facebook invite for her Dance Company.

I said I would participate without looking at it.

I went back today and looked. She is opening her first studio. I am so proud of her. She is also offering adult classes.


It’s a sign. It’s time to bite the bullet. To take the plunge.

I contacted her and she is ecstatic I am joining up at her studio. She wants me to compete. I told her I haven’t danced in a decade since a car accident. She still thinks I can compete and handle the advanced classes.

I’m going to start in the beginner and work my way up as needed.

The real debate? Can I handle two dance classes a week?

But I am going to do it. I am so scared and nervous. It starts next week. And I am waaay fatter than I was then. But shuck it I am doing it!!

Just keep reminding me I can do this. That Ed can shut up and is wrong.

That is the real battle. Turning off or tuning out Ed’s Voice.


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