Grace on the Moon

You may have noticed a trendy new phrase and hash tag popping up a lot lately:  Body Shaming.  It describes the act of speaking or thinking in a way meant to cause shame to someone due to their body size.  It is most commonly used when someone judges another person for being overweight.

As often happens, it is a subject that has gained great traction on the internet.  The web has the ability to unite people from every town and continent in pursuit of leaving comments on blogs, articles, Facebook pages and elsewhere. That can be a great, motivating and powerful connection.  Unfortunately, the net is also often host to some of the most vitriolic, unfeeling judgments cast out by busybodies that the world has ever seen.   I call it “drive-by judging”.

Someone posts a photograph featuring themselves or a person who outweighs your average supermodel by 20 pounds or…

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