This is an excerpt and example of notes to my self of things to tell Cherry.

Just thought it was appropriate so someone could see my train of thought. The rushed reminders of what I have to remember to bring up because I know I will forget. Too much in my head all at once. Things to remember that are crucial for my recovery.

And go:

Stereotyped me as prediabetic. I wonder now if that wasn’t a sign of my anorexia. They assumed I was overweight and family hx of diabetes. Adds to the other signs like amenorrhea, low iron values, erratic test results, pregnancy fears when a virgin.

Like the Mediterranean veggie patties. Ate it two nights in a row. Waaay filling hard to eat just one

Dad joined me in having a veggie pattie with me–I think it’s his silent support

Sick like virus Thursday and Friday. Nausea, dizzy, blegh. Slept a lot.

Bought a lot of foods to expose with.

Finally found the basis for fear of judgment: family.

I might go in more depth on some of these. Any requests from my readers?


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