Those Who Have, Complain

I pretty much despise those of you who have support.

You’re ingrates.

I sit here, sinus infection, feeling so bad, struggling. My parents yell at me I need to get another job, work more, etc. that I’m lazy and there’s no real reason I should be sick. That I shouldn’t volunteer and dance because I’m wasting my time on that and not working.

Work kills me. Dance and volunteering help me feel a little piece of joy.

Fuck this.

I’m too sick to deal with this bullshit. I can easily understand why people with mental illness snap and kill others. If people were constantly berating them and telling them they deserve nothing, what should they do?

I see their two options: kill themselves or hurt others.

I could never hurt others. So myself would be my option. Oh wait. Already do that. It’s called anorexia. Ed, take over. I ain’t got time for this shit.


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