My instructions on my sinus infection medications: seek medical attention and/or follow up care if symptoms do not improve or worsen in 7 days.

So today I did. Yup turns out being a healthcare provider, I might have caught the MRSA and it finally caught up with me. As my mom says, that might not be true, I could just have a really bad sinus infection that needs an extra kick.

Now I’m on higher more hardcore antibiotics, steroid, and an inhaler. Woooo upgraaade hahaah

I think I can safely say that I have officially had almost every single form of medication routes! Inhaler is new for me. I teach people all the time but never used one on myself! Silver lining: I understand my patients better! Yay for that! :]

Besides feeling utterly horrid, severe sinus pressure, and shortness of breath, after taking first round of all meds–wow I’m feeling better!!

Of course the steroid come with some risks. I am cracked out!! Hahaha I’m way ready to go–hypomania yesh!!

But the not so pleasant? They are concerned, especially with the little suicide flag on my chart, that my steroid increases anxiety, agitation, and irritability. I told my doctor–that’s what the Ativan was for. I straight up told her I didn’t care I would deal with the anxiety and agitation on my own because I was feeling it all already with the lack of sleep and sinus pressure.

Oh eating disorders. You reallllly mess with everything. Literally.

All my meds I have to take with a lot of food or there are severe consequences.

Ed’s voice is fighting me on that. Not happy with all the food I have to consume for medications and to keep me fighting the infection. SO not happy.

Right now, I feel the anxiety palpitations in my heart from the inhaler and steroid.

But trying to cope and talk myself through this extremely difficult situation. Because it also hurts to eat from the sinus pressure.

Ironic since I’m still feeling absolutely worthless still from Tuesday.

Ed’s having a hissy fit. Yay upgrades!!


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