Because Being a Woman is AWESOME

I have found that when I am PMSing and menstruating, Ed kicks into high gear. There are times I do not even realize it. I just find myself feeling really fat, triggered easily, and hypersensitive to feelings of fatness and food.

I think it relates to hormonal changes because I do bloat and actually gain 1 size; about 15-20lbs. I remember it being horrible in high school. I would physically slow down, have horrid cramping and back pains. Yay womanhood?

So when I was 19 I went on Depo Provera. It was perfect at controlling g those aforementioned symptoms. I did not get a period for 7 years. So no bloating, increased battles with Ed, peaks and troughs…all gone. But the Depo made me gain weight.

I switched in 2011 to an IUD. It was the closest thing to Depo and not menstruating. I abhor having a period. I abhor everything that goes with it.

While I basically spot now, I still get the horrendous side effects–debilitating back pain, cramps, bloating, salt and chocolate cravings… Ugh. But worst of all I still get triggered hormonally. Ya, Ed’s voice does not just come from external triggers–Ed thrives off my month hormonal shift.

It blows.

Sometimes when I’m feeling really fat and the need to starve I look at the calendar. Ah yes. I’m PMSing. And try to just tough it out.

Because I don’t have enough shit to battle and struggle with.


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