Volunteer Hell

“I want a boy on my team”
“Saul, I’m not a boy!! Why can’t I be on your team?!”
“Because you’re fat.”
“That’s not nice Saul”
“That’s why I said it.”

Saul* is between 6 and 8 years old. Last week he wanted me to walk him to his room. While he still only responds to me and calms down because of me, he is a kid. I’m not supposed to be mad at a kid.

And his words cut so harshly.

I thought I’d been losing weight. Apparently I’m still fat.

Because struggling with food and this illness isn’t enough. Volunteering, my safe place where I help children with critical illnesses, is now off the list.


One thought on “Volunteer Hell

  1. That’s not easy to deal with no matter how old the person is who said it. One of my son’s peers asked me if I was his grandmother a few months ago and I’m still quietly reeling from it. I’m 39. :/

    Try not to take him at face value. He’s likely wise enough to know that kind of comment can have a big impact although likely isn’t aware of the emotional consequences…which I know you know. Still…not easy to hear, ever.


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