Today, the team officially expanded.

I still do not know how I feel about this.

Cherry just felt like I needed more and she couldn’t give it to me so now I will see a DBT Personal Therapist. Since I just met her today with Cherry, no name has been determined yet. I then had my check-in appointment with Athena regarding group. It was not easy considering the outstanding beef we had to cook, but that was dealt with.

It feels weird that my team now consists of 4 people 5 people now. 5 people to my one person.

This was my biggest concern when Cherry decided to outsource. Am I so fucked up and lost cause-y that I require more and more team members?

The impression I am getting from Cherry is that I have “recovered” enough that it is time to fine tune things. Before it was focus on eating and dealing with crisis intervention. Now that the crisis period has passed, it is focus on dealing with factors.

As I learned in conference today, there are layers to DBT. Now I am working on the 2nd and 3rd layers. First layer is something like self harm and suicidal issues. Second is things that aren’t good in regards to like bad patterns of behavior. Third is something like living a life worth living.

I really don’t think the new one knew what she was getting into.

On the plus side, still have managed to weasel out of food group eating, dietician, and a nutritionist. Score!!

Thankfully, I have a few weeks to adjust to the newest Team Cassie member before I start group up again. It would be beyond overwhelming to cope with all of that new in-depth, personal change at once.


2 thoughts on “Expansion

  1. Yup still around. It has been a rough few days/weeks/months. I do not have a brain tumor but there is no answer for my pain and decreased sensation on the left side of my body. So that is scary. Just too much to blog and finding what to say! Thanks for your support i appreciate it!

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