Eating Disorders: It starts earlier than you think. Learn 10 simple tips to promote a healthy body image.


This week is National Eating Disorders Week. To help raise awareness I want to start talking about eating disorders. Did you know that most kids who develop an eating disorder do so between the ages of 11-14? Although it can start as early as age 7! Seven! What a frightening thought.

Eating disorders are very complicated. They are a group of mental illnesses that affect the way you feel about food AND the way you feel about your body and yourself. There is no single cause for eating disorders. However it’s effects are overwhelming to a person’s physical health AND their identity, self- worth, and self-esteem.

Nearly 1 million Canadians have been diagnosed with an eating disorder. Many others report symptoms but go undiagnosed. Nedic (National Eating Disorder information centre)  put together a “must see” short video explaining the complexities of eating disorders. It’s worth a look.

Families make a difference. Children…

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