Interview with Amalie (интервью с Амали)

Days of lifelover

As February is Eating Disorder Awareness Month, I’m especially proud and happy to introduce you my new guest – Amalie, who knows excatly what is it like – having eating disorder and recovery from that. She is much more than this illness – she is wonderful and smart person with an open heart, who is trying to help as many people as possible…and doing it succesful. So…I can write more about this inspiring lady, but you’ll see it yourself:)

All photos belong to Amalie 

Let’s start from the beginning: tell us something about yourself. Through what can you define yourself – hobbies/places/attitude/etc.?

 Well, I am a huge geek at times! Sometimes I find myself discovering and exploring on all sorts of weird topics. I have so much knowledge on utterly random things that I’ll have no use for in my daily life. I guess that is the closest I…

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