Meghan Trainor: I don’t want her in my wolf pack.

21 year old ramblings

I have resurrected my blog! Hurray.

I came across something on Twitter earlier which I really did not like.


Here we see Miss Meghan Trainor – the new poster girl for ‘appropriate body image’ and catchy songs.

Not only has her debut singing ‘All About That Bass’ caused some controversy (and rightly so), she can’t seem to control her mouth when it comes to body shaming.

As a size 14 I know I’m not the skinniest person in the world and I have learnt to embrace what I have and I encourage others to do the same (as long as it’s not directly affecting your health). We have become accustom to ‘skinny’ people being more desirable than somebody curvy since the 90’s, if not earlier. Now being slightly ‘heavier’ is becoming more ””normal”” because celebs are becoming more normal. Twitter and Instagram and other social networks allow us to see…

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