History Repeating?

“Do any of your friends know about me, that you have a girlfriend?”

“Yes. [Best friend #1] knows you’re my girlfriend.”

“What about [best friend #2]? Does he know about me?”


“He knows we have been dating since December…”

“And does [best friend #3]?”

“Yessss. Also that we are dating.”

“I see. Your sister?”


“Your parents?!”


“I see… Why not *hurt*”

“I don’t tell my family until it’s been awhile.”

“How long is that?”

“Six months.”

“Oh…” *pause* “Why not?”

“Because we don’t talk about that stuff. I don’t tell them I’m dating until then.” *rushes* “But you know my friends know so that’s good!”

Is history repeating itself? Am I going down the same path as I have before? I finally change my dating habits and is it just going to return back to the same?

My long term exboyfriend and I had this issue. It was the main reason I ended it with him. He was always a part of my family: phone calls, events, bonding. I wanted to be the same but he always had an excuse. I met his family 1.5years into our relationship. It was the only time I met them or communicated with them…during our 5 year relationship. 

My parents begged me to end it with him. Told them I deserved to be bragged about. Deserved better.

So here I am. Not even 14hours later. Do I talk to him about it? Do I just end it? I deserve to be with a man who is proud to bring me home to his parents. Who tells them he is dating me but will introduce me a bit later. 

Is it guilt? Is it because not even seven months ago he was still “living” with his ex even though she was on the other side of the country? Because he has moved on and maybe they haven’t?

I’m tired of competing with ghosts. But I am more tired of not being good enough. Good enough to be a part of his family.

Is history repeating itself? Can I even handle this again?


One thought on “History Repeating?

  1. What does he do when you ask him why? Sounds hurtful and very difficult. Maybe his family are freakishly hard on him? I hope that’s the case. You are certainly worth being loved with pride. Xxx


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