Coping with Ed

man is that title ambiguous or what.

No not coping with in regards to dealing with Ed’s voice. This is trying to cope while Ed’s voice plays in the background.

PC is in another country right now for work. When we spoke before his departure, he told me how he won’t be able to talk to me for a week. In any form.

So I tried to cope with this. Rationally, that isn’t a big deal. It’s just a week. With Ed’s voice: a lot can happen in a week.

We communicated in some form every day for the past few months. Now: cold turkey. It’s weird how one becomes so reliant on that which is consistent. And the change? Well it’s just a breeding ground for Ed’s voice; truly a playground.

So here I have coped: pulled out some distractions and distress tolerance from my arsenal. Bring it–I’ll fight hard against you, Ed.

And even if Ed’s voice keeps reminding me that PC won’t miss me and I will, I keep reminding myself that Yes this is true.

How can he miss me when he brought a stuffed lovey of mine with him? But more so, I wrote him letters and gave him some little activities for each day he is there. I learned this from my mom as a kid–letters prevent loneliness. So I set myself up. Can’t miss me when I provided him with the work to prevent loneliness and he hears from me each day in theory.

But lo and behold, he called me today, from across the world. And has been texting me as well. 


He might not say it, but I feel like it’s safe to say based on his actions that he does miss me and he is thinking of me.

So while I sit here, coping with this sudden communication loss amongst strong tendencies from Ed, I find that maybe I am a bit stronger and my coping does not have to fight as hard against Ed’s voice…at least for now. Guess PC is a keeper?


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