Bringing Him Home

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Last night I decided last minute to invite PC over to a low key dinner and movie to meet my dad while my mom is out of town. My mom is more intense and puts more pressure on the situation–hell she’s the one who refused to take no for an answer when I told her that I don’t think I will be getting married [mainly because I don’t think I will live past 35 but she doesn’t know that part—shit according to her I don’t have any problems]. And I know PC has been nervous about the whole meeting my friends and family thing.

I thought I would give it a try. I figured he would say no because he was not ready and he is suuuper busy with work.

I was wrong. He said yes.

I proceeded to freak out.

Side note: this past week I have been really struggling with the lack of control over anything and everything. This just added to it.

I should have been immediately happy, right? Conveyor belt that. 

I tried to make him feel at ease all the while feeling nervous myself. Then my dad was nervous, so now he needed to be taken care of. What about me?! I was nervous! 

It went off well! Thankfully. We ate dinner, had some cool convo, watched a movie; smooth. I had a hard time eating because I was anxious over the situation. PC had to leave because he had more work to do. He enjoyed himself so that is a nice relief. He even stated “it was nice to get a chance to finally meet him” which makes me feel great because I wasn’t  sure if he was even on board for meeting the parents.

That milestone halfway completed. And I’m still standing.

Must be that luck of the Irish.

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