Cassie Ainsworth: Me and You?

My alias on here is Cassie. As mentioned in previous posts, it is after my idol Cassie Ainsworth from the tele series Skins, UK. She struggles with anorexia and her battles are very similar to mine. While she utilizes drugs way more than I ever did, we definitely connect in the same level of utilizing sex as an escape. 

Cassie is a wise girl that no one ever takes seriously because she is anorexic. No one sees her true struggles because she does not allow it. The show does an amazing job of nailing it on the head. I cried when I watched it because it was the first time that I felt understood; I really identified with her and Effy.

The following pictures are quotes and captions of powerful moments that I strongly identify with and capture my struggles past and present. I just hope to have the same future Cassie did.

Please comment if you find you identify with any. I am curious if anyone else relates with these moments.



And I never will. Radical acceptance.


Imagine what it would be like if people understood the struggle.


From the blogs I follow, it seems a lot of us have and still do this. Our nature.


This feeling.

This moment. I have done it many times, still do, when I need to escape. Just dance and let free. No drugs necessary. I guess I am crazy enough I can tap into that high without the drugs.



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