Two Weeks’ Distractors

My outline for the next few weeks. To distract myself somewhat.
✔️ therapy. Including group. So 3 times a week.

✔️ lunch with Celeste

✔️ drinks one evening [typical date night with PC but he is out of town for 4 days] with a new pal. No worries PC is fully aware of him

✔️ hang out with Andie

✔️ paint my nails

✔️ setup my bike and ride

✔️ read my books

✔️ clean and organize my room

✔️ volunteer once a week
✔️ work…

✔️ make hair flowers

✔️ do a samurai sudoku puzzle 

✔️ lay out and tan

✔️ start couch to 5k

✔️ spend time with PC when he gets back

✔️ plan my special all day trip with PC that is coming up; more like make out a list of places 

✔️ make a list of items for my birthday girls’ adventure

✔️ make a list of items for my family Disney trip–assuming I get to go

✔️ update dry erase calendar

✔️ update planner

✔️ stretch

✔️ go through big stack of magazines 

✔️ collage

✔️ try and see Erin

✔️ call Badgyr for her birthday

✔️ phone dates

This seems like enough stuff for two weeks, right?


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