Two Weeks

Application: done. 

It’ll be two weeks until I hear anything. 

However, the future director called my mom today and asked her if I had applied yet because she wants me to. 

But still no guarantees of the job. There will be 10-12 spots. Possibly hundreds competing for it. I competed against 9,000 for 20. I should have this, right? The last time I was the top 2 candidate but didn’t get it due to politics.

But I’m still scared. I reaaaaaally don’t handle rejection well. And to take it from the same place that rejected me before? Oh and the same institution that I am getting to go play with in a sit down facing my boss? Later this week? Confronting him on his hostility, toxicity, and bullying?

Thankfully it would be a whole different department. And job.

I want it so bad.

Now to wait.

Two weeks.

It can go so fast and so slow at the same time.


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