I Heard the Sign?

Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing” played on the radio as I drove home tonight from PC’s place. We had an amazing day together. A fabulous 24 hours. I kept pushing bad thoughts and destructive thoughts aside to enjoy my vacation. Including this upcoming interview.

So when I left his place tonight, with sea salt in my lungs and skin, su kissed skin, and sand everywhere, the thoughts of doubt about that application popped back. I really need that interview and I really need that job. For so many reasons. As Damen says “2015–our year it will happen!” And he is right! But I’m still so scared because I need out of this job just so bad.

The perk of today outside of an amazing day with PC, recharging my batteries in my escape haven: I wasn’t at work. Still was tortured via text. But in my haven I’m invincible: nothing gets to me it’s like Ed is barely audible. 

That’s why when Journey came on I was praying it to be a sign. I have heard Eye of the Tiger and Journey in a course of 3 days. I have an email randomly sent that states “Never give up, Cassie” all this when I feel on the verge of cracking.

Please, please be signs for the best. I really need it. I need this.


6 thoughts on “I Heard the Sign?

  1. It just struck me….does PC stand for Prince Charming? (If so, that’s freaking adorable!!)

    I would love to see all of these well deserved events work out for you this time. I find myself nervously anticipating your interview lol…I’ll take all the nerves, you take all the power! 😉 Keep thinking up and that’s the only way you’ll go. xx

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    • Yes PC does stand for Prince Charming!!! Hahaha he really has turned out to be my stud and I have also possibly been really hooked on the tv show Once Upon a Time… HAHAHAHA ha he has been so good for me. Like Cherry and I talked about in therapy today actually, with my anxiety the way it is and the situations that popped up, I don’t have honeymoon phases in relationships. That just makes him more of my Prince Charming I guess. : ]

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      • That’s so true! I’m so happy that he treats you so well and is so good to you! You deserve every drop of it and the fact that you’re trying to make it through without sabotaging it is a HUGE step forward in your life, I think. 🙂 It’s really a good thing, I think, to not have your judgment clouded with fairytales and rainbows…reality can be just as beautiful.


  2. Oh and, soooo jealous of sand and sun. So. Jealous. Particularly right now as I’m stuck in the basement at work, after hours, unpaid and still slugging it. *sigh* Will daydream of the beach for now…

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    • Awwww didn’t mean to make you jealous!! I actually think it might have come a little too late for me because I needed it so bad that I didn’t appreciate it nearly as much as I usually do–just too burned out. :/

      Still amazing though. Just didn’t do the full recharge like I had hoped for. I send some sand and sun vibes your way!!!


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