the story of how i wound up dead.

rachel ng // anorexia recovery


Anorexia Nervosa is often dismissed as manifestations of vanity, immaturity, madness. It may be, to an extent, but it is also an addiction. It is a twisted response to a culture, family, self-image and one seemingly meaningless crude remark. I was 9 years old when I stood in front of the mirror, imperceptibly lost between the fabric of my new size 000 high school uniform. Skipping grades like no otherI like to think of myself as a child genius, but ana didn’t permit me to be one any longer.

In Hong Kong, Grade 7 marks the first year of high school. I was suddenly pushed 2 years early into an unknown new society filled with stress, heavy textbooks, exams, boyfriends and superficiality. Needless to say, I matured early and tried with all my might to fit in as a tiny undeveloped 9 year old. My friends were beautiful, tall…

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