fathers day or superman day



Dear fathers, if you have a child suffering with an eating disorder; here’s some advice.

  • be patient
  • be calm
  • realize your child is going to mess up over and over again
  • if your child wasn’t a liar before, he/she will become a compulsive liar soon enough with this disease
  • your child may become a secret ninja or a wonderful math wiz
  • you will always lose at hide and seek
  • do not give up on your kid no matter what
  • this disease is extremely confusing
  • don’t let your child get comfortable with the situation of the disease
  • it could be years before your child is better
  • think outside the box

One more thing, thank you to all the fathers out there going through this difficult time with your kid, it means a lot to them, to have you by their side.

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