Why Our Eating Disorders Are Brain Dead

Nourishing Natalie

We are not our eating disorders. I think we all know that by now. ED is a separate being from us who feeds on the success of altering our brains and making us think unbelievably irrational thoughts. It’s almost like a game, I feel. The only thing is, is in this game if we don’t win, we die (what a fun game!!).

In this game, our eating disorders try to make us believe all types of stupid, completely preposterous, incredibly ridiculous bullshit. I’d be lying if I said my eating disorder doesn’t know how to disguise itself as my own voice and entirely convince me that it knows best. I think we all can agree with that. I was thinking before, though, and I realized that so many things ED has me believing are so unreasonable that you’d think someone hypnotized (I always that that’s spelled with an “m”) me…

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