My Reasons

I have a serious love for Pinterest. It is a true story. With it I have collected some amazing visual motivation, validation, and support.

This post, albeit a long one, is very very personal.

I am getting raw.

It is my reasons for recovery. In picture form. Besides my obvious one: I lose weight when I eat.

I hope that y’all who do read this find one that hits home for you. Just one. That is my goal.

If one really speaks to you and you feel comfortable sharing so, please feel free to comment–it would be nice to hear if others relate. :] Community, if you will.

ok enough blabbing. I am just nervous. Here I am. The antivenom to Ed’s voice. Or antidote? Ack whatever. Can you tell I have fear of judgement?



2 thoughts on “My Reasons

  1. Ohh goodness I can relate to so many of these. I never thought of Pinterest as a place to find powerful quotes and motivation! Goodness I’m learning a lot from you today 🙂

    I think the one I relate to most is about not having to feel guilty and selfish for putting my healing first. I still feel bad when I do that … Even at work. I don’t talk much about my eating disorder in my blog but it’s mostly because I feel like I complain about enough in my life. Taking up too much attention for the other things I complain about. (Squirms). Yeah. I hear you.

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    • Pinterest is so amazing! I made a cover and have a board disguised like in helping others but it’s pretty much for me hahahaha !! Ya I have found some amazing quotes, tips, and stories on it to keep me going strong. It can be a downfall too don’t get me wrong!

      Yay for learning!! :F

      It’s hard to not feel the guilt though because everyone else makes us feel guilty. I don’t talk about it to my parents because they deny it. I barely have anyone to talk to about it at all besides my therapists and in here. Pish posh you don’t complain !!! Venting is different! Expression and letting loose of experiences!


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