The “Fight” for 15

I completely agree. What is the point of obtaining any form of formal training and education like a high school diploma–which is not required in fast food industry– to get better pay? EMTs risk their lives every single day. For beans. They have formalized training. Fast food workers would be making almost the same amount as some educators that I know of in California. People with Masters degrees. Why are they better than people who are training their children to educate them for the future?

We have a system in place–obtain education in field of choice to climb ranks and obtain more money. It is skewed that some industries make more than others–I think education and healthcare should make way more than any other since they shape the future and literally save lives. And you have NO idea what they out up with.

The Wall

Before I get into any detail, let me first clarify that I do not have anything against fast food workers, and I don’t blame them for wanting $15 an hour to do their jobs. I am not by any means saying that being a fast-food employee is an easy job or undeserving of a pay raise.

I do, however, believe that focusing on ONLY fast-food workers for the $15 pay raise is completely outrageous and my reasons are as follows:

Fast-food workers are not the only workers that deserve a pay raise.

The minimum wage in New York state is $8.75 per hour ($9.00 by the end of the year). Why does the fast food industry deserve its own separate minimum wage? In my opinion, it doesn’t. If a fast-food chain wants to pay a higher wage, than that’s great for them – yay for the free market. But for…

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