Boycott Benefit

Honestly, if you have an eating disorder, you should boycott this company and their products. Or if you have a friend who is overweight. 

Or if you are a decent human being.

Because what this company did is middle school mentality and irresponsible. It is wrong.

Benefit article and their public behavior. Because it is funny to pick on others and bully people, apparently. 

I must be a black sheep to society because I do NOT support this behavior. Let alone from a company.

My respect is gone. And they have now found, so is my money. Cannot undo that hurt.

4 thoughts on “Boycott Benefit

  1. Holy crap….seriously?! I was stunned when I read this. I try to avoid places like twitter so I generally miss out on all the gossip but wow, this is just disgusting. I’ve been known to buy their products here and there but won’t be doing so anymore. Thanks for sharing this. What the hell is wrong with the world these days? 😦

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