Taste of Normalcy

I work weekends.

I am a social pariah.

For ~7 years I have rarely been a part of normal society as I have been working. I have been off for major events: weddings, my birthday, and ya that is it.

Today I had a Saturday off. The last Saturday I had off was technically my Vegas birthday trip, but that was all planned out and a trip.

But today I was a part of normal society.

I have hella PTO–too much honestly. Do I decided to take the whole day off for Little Man’s birthday party.

Oh the things y’all take for granted!! I was so excited!!!

PC let me sleep in!! I was ecstatic to sleep in on a Saturday!!!

We went for brunch/breakfast!! Something I have been fantasizing about for years.

So normal.

But when you do not get to partake it is HUGE!!

The party was a blast!

My little nephew was adorable with his cake. I caught it all on camera. PC was there and enjoyed every minute of it. It was magical. I loved sharing it with him.

We came home and decided on movie snacks and a movie at home. Because we can!!! Because I have energy to!

Such a big deal!!

It is so weird to have this!

This taste of normalcy is great!!

It makes me appreciate what I have been and am still missing.

But it makes me sad and jealous at all that I have missed and am still missing  because I am still in my job. 

It makes it harder for me to go back. As if the toxicity was not bad enough.

I feel so isolated as it is but this taste of normalcy really makes me feel extremely isolated.

I am missing out on major life events and bonding opportunities. I hate this. I do not know how much longer I can take this.

I had my taste of normalcy and I want more.


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