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What?! Overwhelmed!?!?

This is SO bizarre. Iiiii know! What?! Why am I overwhelmed?! Why am I having a panic attack??

I received great news today.


And I had a panic attack.

So stupid. So I judged that. Which made the panic worse.

Let’s back up. Felt nausea alllll day!!! Had taken Phenergan, twice today, and it did nothing for the nausea! Untouched. Emailed my doctor because this sickness is overwhelming!

Went to the eye doctor. Had my first full on eye exam. Had my eye surgery scheduled for next week.

I don’t do eyes…….. I didn’t handle the whole “my eyes are dilated everything is blurry” thing well. I could not read. I could not watch anything. Thankfully, Andi called me and we spoke for a bit. This covered enough time for me to gain half my vision back.

I opened my email looking for a message from my doctor and there it was: an email. An email from one of many places I have recently applied requesting an interview!! Now it is not in my trained profession–it would be a lateral move–but it is out of my toxic job. I am ecstatic!

I know the pay, benefits, the doctors, etc. It would be full time. I would be able to smoothly transition. It is the first time I have heard and I have hope to get the fluff out of toxic hell and make money. More than I am.

An hour and a half later, I have a voicemail from a place I applied out of desperation. They actually want to interview me for two positions in the field I trained for.

But you see, I always told myself, if I ever applied to a certain sector in my profession, I would kill myself. Literally. And I mean it. Because it would be selling my soul and happiness. It is a very complicated thing to explain on here.

Well being so sick my parents took advantage of it and told me to apply for a position there. I caved and did it last night.

I gave up my soul.

And they called and offered me an interview for two positions. Both unlisted. I wish I could explain this more but I worry about privacy.

Yes it is pretty amazing. I have earned this. But I panic because I fear the crap benefits that these type of places historically come with [I need great benefits obvi]. I fear possible poor pay.

What I fear the most? Is that this greatness is all happening at once; this now bright light at the end of the tunnel; the escape from toxicity; it all ending with rejection much like May’s.

I can’t handle that again.

I have to plan what to do if I interviewed and got both offers.

PC was great at helping me calm down. But yet it was raining interviews today as he said.

Nothing is set up yet; they initiated and I reached out back for both locations. Hopefully by the end of next week I will have interviewed at both places.

Then after all this positivity and raining goodness, I get an email from my doctor. Still no idea what is wrong with me. But hey, for rule out purposes, try your vertigo medication.

Sounds good. I mean I bought a pregnancy test to do in the AM for the same purpose.

Well I’ll be a biscuit. My nausea: all gone.

I’ll try again tomorrow and make sure but what the hell?! Totally different feeling and presentation then the two times before!!

So it has been very overwhelming that SO many good things happened…so close together. Literally within hours.

But nothing is final so there is still a lot to go.

But as Cherry says, we look at things as they come. One step at a time. Focus on the past: it causes depression; focus on the future: it causes anxiety; stay focused on the present–unknown.

So even though it is overwhelming, there is quite some positivity! Please keep the vibes, juju, prayers, thoughts.

I need this.

The Sickness Saga

Oh it continues.

On day what now? You do the math…I am sick!! It has been since Saturday night.  

I am glad to say I have not bonded with the toilet in 24 hours!! Huuuge accomplishment!! I despise throwing up. It is one of the main reasons my purge behavior could only be excessive exercise.

The nausea is much better than yesterday as well. I am feeling it right now but nothing compared to last night.

I am still weak, pale, dizzy, and tired. Managed to pick up a cough [nurse in me figures my throat is sensitive from the acid irritation] and congested/runny nose.

Today was another day of sleeping, drinking, and peeing. And the BRAT diet which for me meant the T–toast and bread.

I had enough energy to paint my toes and finger nails! That was a big deal!

I am upset that I am not able to run this week!! But trying to focus on not physically being ill instead.

I would have finished season 3 of the OC if disc 6 worked… Apparently brand new package and jacked up disc?! Whyyyyyy?!?!? Fate can be so cruel!!

PC decided he has been a crappy boyfriend because I am apparently not needy so he decided today he was swinging by for a couple of hours to see me. This is all him–I have NEVER implied this or encouraged this thought.

We talked last night and he has been so busy focusing on work he possibly might have let me fall to the wayside. Basically because he expected me to be needy. Hahaha yaaaa I don’t do that. So he realized what day it was, how I was still super sick, and how long it has been since he has seen me. He is a fix it guy but there is no fix it solution to this stomach virus. If there was, I would have done it myself on Monday.

I digress. PC was upset. Today he showed up at my place with flowers in tow. Melted my sick little heart. Of course I know I look gross and pale–hahaha I saw it on his face [the pale and sick part not the gross part]. I got what I wanted: he held me.

My dad brought pizza–for him and PC–while I rocked my toast and queasiness. Then I kind of zoned out on PC’s shoulder while they male bonded.

It was so nice. He came through for me.

My silver lining to this sickness saga: my boyfriend is amazing. I love this kid. From the bottom of my sick toes.

I cannot think of anything else because I do not hsve the energy for it.

It’s That Time

Finally have a little energy today. Maybe this illness has an end in sight! PC picked the colors. I was feeling silver or deep cherry. Don’t judge my toes. This is what a dancer’s toes looks like…from being crammed in dance shoes for years.


It’s That Time

Photo courtesy of Google Images 

Today at the designated time, I was talking with my friends’ daughters via kik.

I was supposed to hangout with them earlier this week but thanks to this loving stomach virus, it just was not about to happen.

So we have been texting on kik everyday.

And my little tomboy told me last night, that she wants us to go back and get our mani pedis!! She only went the last time because she sensed I was hurting [back before Vegas] and got clear glitter on her toes.  She loved the calf massage.

Today, at the time, we were talking about how she wants neon green on her toes!! She finally heard me! She understands that in my tomboy years I still painted my nails…just not girly colors.

So we were talking about colors and I introduced her to neon blue.

To go with her hair. 😛

So this picture is the blue [for her fingers], green [for her toes], and pink [for my toes].

Just excited to share in this with her! To be able to do nails with her!

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PLUR, Cassie, Ed’s Voice, & An Extra Player

I just had an awesome conversation where I introduced someone to the PLUR lifestyle. I am SO excited!!

Of course I am still high!! But apparently he said my passions were more apparent than usual… I am more open and free.

Ok so maybe he is technically the last guy I dated and we had hooked up a couple times. And I know PC does not want me hanging out with him because he and I banged. Even though the sex is dead to me and I care about this kid as a friend.

And especially now that he is making the effort to listen to and experience my lifestyle!! He listened! He is listening to my songs. My favorite EDM. I gave him some variety.

And PC told me to go to bed. 

I gave him my explanation why PLUR means so much to me.

Being a raver has such negative connotations but this guy never judges. Not that PC does.

But this kid did not cramp my high. He had a fun convo with me. Kept up with my passions. Let me explore myself.

Is that not one of the best parts of trips?

Here is mine.

Why I love the PLUR lifestyle:
[PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect]

  • I practice this. Daily. Naturally. When I rediscovered it I felt like I found my place; I fit in. This is me in 4 letters. Anyone who knows me agrees.
  • I am wearing a PLUR belly button right now to remind myself of who I am so I do not lose myself; my hidden reminder.
  • Even with all that is going on with me, I still seem to practice this. Naturally. It is my root instinct.
  • Automatic connections and friendships with those who believe in this lifestyle. 
  • I am still Jewish. But I do believe in PLUR and I am a raver. It is part of who I am.
  • The dancing. However you feel like. It is encouraged. I dance and when I do I just dgaf. I do me. Either you are dancing with me or are in my way so leave me alone. 
  • The colors. The glow in the dark.
  • The music. Duh.
  • They actually have artistry and skill.
  • Seeing peace in everyone; united together as one. Makes my heart happy.
  • The kandi. It endorses sharing. A craft that encourages sharing your skill and love with each other’s. It’s beautiful. 

My insight tonight:

  • Peace to those who hurt me, still. 
  • Love for all even if they don’t deserve it and continue to hurt me; you never know if you are the only one loving them. Because I can’t help that I’m a lover.

  • I’ll always hope for unity. I will always encourage it, endorse it, foster it. I am a leader. We need more of it.
  • And respect. It’s all I want.

Alright my head is heavy. I have PLUR on my mind. Maybe I’ll blog with my favorite PLUR and raver pics later on courtesy of Pinterest. 

I am going back to enjoying this rare opportunity.  Glitter and lava lamps going. Music caressing my skin and ears. Woozy. Nauseated.