I really need one. Now. 

I have my meeting tomorrow with my [new] boss and the boss I took to HR. I am not looking forward to this.

Walking around in this cyclone is just plain tiring.

How is PC not over this shot yet?! Done with me??

I just job binge applied–hitting up 5 clinic positions. I need to get the fuck out of my current job for what little of my sanity and soul I have left—that has not been killed. I pray it goes through. Who knows what will remain tomorrow after this verbal assault and harassment for honestly no real reason.

I cannot keep taking it anymore.

I need out. And no more of this shit like in May where I have all these faux miracles where I think I have freedom–see the light at the end of the tunnel. Have all these promises made and then my heart crushed as they break them. False promised and broken words. I mean nothing to these people and they all love to remind me of it intentionally and unintentionally.

Because the last economic downturn left people bitter, burnt, and wanting to hurt others to make themselves feel better. But not me. I could never do that. Ever.

You know I still have not heard back from one of those jobs I applied to back in April? The one that was supposed to start in August? Ya it is on indefinite hold. I am just the mouse and they are the cat enjoying toyig with me while I am alive.

Dance, Cassie, dance.

Please, G-d, I have suffered more than enough. Even my boyfriend has started becoming a chosen one.

I need a miracle.


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