Six O’Clock Shot

A few weeks ago, a doctor I work with had an alarm go off on her phone at 6pm on the dot. Her hands were tied and she said, “quick, pick up my phone and take a picture.” Naturally, we did a group selfie. Then asked what was going on.

She started doing this photo project for fun where she takes a picture, wherever she is, at 6pm every single day. It helps show what she has done, who she is with, her adventures, etc. Of course she is a real photog.

I love the idea of this challenge! So, along with Grainne, we will be doing this and posting it in our blogs every day for at least a month [will reassess].

We are going to start with the goal of one month and see how it goes. We will reasses from there.

It will be a fun challenege and I invite others to join us!! It does not have to be some super artistic shot. It does not have to be of you. It is a picture of wherever you are. At 6pm your time. Then just upload it to your blog. If you want, include a quick caption.

This will be a great way to encourage blogging for those who need some help. It will also encourage us to stop and look at our lives a little more closely. It could also unite some of us in the blogosphere.

Come join Grainne and I!! We would love for you to join us!!

* * * * * * * * * *

Here is mine!

My sister is moving to another state, so while they were finishing up the truck stuff, I was babysitter and entertained my niecey. Side note: she literally says nom nom nom after eating wet food she loves it so much!!



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