What Anorexia Does to Me

Keep Moving Forward

**Trigger warning: This blog post could be triggering to those who are sick.**

I’ve been getting better this summer. I’ve been making steps toward health and things have been getting a lot better. Last year my boyfriend and I discussed going on a vacation together for our one year anniversary. I loved the idea, I was so deliriously excited by the very thought of us two going away together- just us. It sounded romantic and perfect, and I was dying to get away, go on a vacation- I hadn’t really travelled in years.

But the prospects of going slowly faded and eventually became out of the question as the summer months past. We’d imagined being there for our anniversary date, August 30th- but by that date in the summer of 2014 I’d lost more weight than ever before. My weight had plummeted lower than it had when I was first…

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