It’s That Time

Photo of the Day.

I am obsessed with this registration for my first 5k. Registration is this week. So, I was ensuring I had all my ducks in a row for an easy sign up later this week…. because the anxiety is off the charts.


Photo 2 is a Throwback Photo.

Me and some of my Residents have a great relationship. We are really close. 
Well, I was collaging and he and I somehow discussed how he was jealous that I was not decking him out with collage things. I had found perfect pictures or words for others to put on their ID badges. I just had not found the perfect thing for him yet. I am particular about the perfect thing for people. [Can I get a Type A here?]

Then this happened. 


This is SUPER funny for a couple of reasons. 1) it is from a Slimfast advertisement, 2) it is for the Airway Pager, 3) it sounds dirty.

Now to clarify.

The Airway Pager is the pager that is passed among the in-house anesthesia residents. It goes off when that person is needed to respond to an airway crisis–meaning someone is having difficulty breathing: they need to be intubated [tube in throat to breath], are receiving CPR [need a variety of anesthesia related ventilation  purposes], passed out for unknown reasons, well you get the point.

It sucks to have. It pretty much goes off ALL. THE. TIME.

It is the hot potato that everyone wants to get rid of so they do not have to be the person carrying around the 20lb emergency airway box as they run through the HUGE hospital because every second counts and someone’s life depends on it. Stressful!!

Have to have a sense of humor in the medical field. And this baby brought a ton to all.


2 thoughts on “It’s That Time

  1. Congratulations on signing up for your first 5k! I understand the anxiety, but try to just have fun with the whole process. I’m an RN (and NP student) and totally understand the sick humor that comes with healthcare. You’re right, it’s very necessary 🙂

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    • Thank you!! You are one of my biggest inspirational sources!! Ahh NP school!! I’m trying to save up money so I can work on mine!! SO necessary and so fun!!

      I am just anxious about the registration process!! It is a Disney race so I am worried about missing it! :/


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