She Doesn’t LOOK like She Has an ED


Nickolay Lamm's recreation of the Barbie doll based on a 19-year-old's proportions. Nickolay Lamm’s recreation of the Barbie doll based on a 19-year-old’s proportions. Which Barbie has an eating disorder? 

Here’s a little something I think everyone should know: you can’t tell by “looking” at a person if s/he has an eating disorder. Would you expect to see if a person has a heart condition, diabetes or autism for example just by looking at them? No, of course not. But yet, so many people think that you must be skeletal looking to have an eating disorder. Sure, there are some people that look very malnourished, who have eating disorders. There are also people, who look healthy, overweight, slightly underweight, average, you name it!, who have eating disorders. I don’t even like using these labels because they box people into categories based on size and shape- two factors that have no importance whatsoever.

Why does this “looking/judging” and labeling bother me so much?…

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