Don’t Let Complacency Slow You Down

Amazing and spot on view of the struggles


I’m learning throughout my recovery process just how sneaky EDs can be. One minute you think you’re rolling along quite smoothly, smashing goals left, right and centre, then all of sudden you’re stopped in your tracks.

A few months ago I was raving to my psychologist about how well I was doing. I told her how good I felt and how positive my outlook had been lately.

She told me that while that was fantastic to hear, I should be aware that the hard times weren’t over and there would still be moments (if not entire days) when I would feel like I was being suffocated by the ED. I heard what she said, but I wasn’t really listening. Deep down I thought, “Yeah, but that won’t happen to me. I’m doing so great!”

Oh, how wrong I was.

Since that day in my psychologist’s office, the ED has…

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