It’s That Time [On Delay]

For those of you keeping track, my work situation is not conducive for my health. Or anyone’s for that matter. 

For those of you just joining [welcome!!] it is toxic, unappreciative, makes me question myself/my purpose, makes me feel worthless [people tell me I am–just so they feel better about themselves]…that is the summary.

I do have a few good eggs out there. Some people are team Cassie; the silent observers who are rooting for me and see my struggles and the horrors I face with a positive attitude and demeanor every shift. They see my sacrifices.

Today, one of those came through.

Today, out of the pure good intentions of her heart and her sheer willingness, one of the doctors I work with as a teammate on a regular basis bought me this:

She went down and bought me a hot chocolate and donut. 

Note: we have had many discussions about how I don’t like coffee but love tea and hot chocolate. And how I am saddened that on my shifts the Starbucks coffee cart is never open. And today, for whatever reason, miracle of miracles, it was open.

This small gesture was done.

But I do not think she realizes how big this gesture is for me.

This validates my worth, my existence, my being.

I am not completely invisible in this slowly imploding workplace that istargeting  me for being an exemplary employee [true story].

She gave me hope to hold on.

Maybe the tide is finally turning.


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