It’s That Time–

Tonight’s picture is actually a mockery. 

Because of where I was, I was not able to take any pictures.

If anyone has been following the US news, California has been basically screwed this year.

We are in a severe drought. We have not really had much rain for which PC mocks me for. Like it’s my fault.

Thanks to this state of drought, everything is pretty much burning. It is horrible!! Acres of this state: homes, cities, towns, etc. Lost. Government refuses to help.

Different soap box.

Anyways. Last night, the smoke made it down to our neck of the world and it was horrible. PC who has never dealt with this [truly it seems to be a Cali thing] thought it was foresty smelling fog. No. joke. Proceeded to send a picture to his family who flipped out.

My eyes burned. I could not breath. I had an asthma attack. PC survived his first invasion of smoke from fires.

Well, it is still going on. It also traps heat in. Blegh.

So tonight’s picture is a mockery; a dedication to the people who actually suffered from real winter storms last year.

And it is pretty hilarious.



2 thoughts on “It’s That Time–

  1. Fires scare me so much more than snow storms. Ice I can deal with, even the destructive, tree-exploding kind, but fire….yikes. (I have to admit I giggled at PC’s interpretation of the ‘foresty fog’.

    I have no pictures to post from this weekend as I was either asleep or on the bathroom floor. lol…*sigh* Will catch up soon.

    Hope the rain comes to put those fires out and cool you guys down soon. xx

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