TV Portrayal of Anorexia

I am sitting here, watching tv, and American Dad comes on.

It is the same episode I saw several years ago. An episode that resonated deeply with me. It was the first time I felt that television actually had a real grip on the experiences of anorexia.

Sure it is a cartoon that mocks life and no one takes seriously, like, ever. But sometimes, like South Park, it gets people talking; it gets ideas out there.

It made me realize I was not alone.

Then I experienced Skins, UK and Cassie’s experiences. That really resonated with me and really opens the eyes for others. I spoke about it in my early blogs.

But back to American Dad.

Tonight, the episode was on again.

I remembered how accurate it is–in the beginning and again in the end. Stan’s struggles are so real. His bro coach = Ed’s voice. The episode is spot on.

I wanted to attach the episode in here but I cannot find it anywhere without paid subscription. Instead, here is the wiki link. 

American Dad Anorexia Special

It is worth the 25ish minutes to truly get a good look into the mind of someone suffering with anorexia; get the feels.

I am going to share it with PC. Just to help him understand the pain and struggling a little bit.

But it is also great because it validates. You are not alone.

We are together in this.

Anorexia is real and is not a trendy weight loss fad. It is a disorder; an illness. It is not a choice. It is a life sentence and for some of us a death sentence. 

There is an “i” in illness, but there is a “we” in wellness.


4 thoughts on “TV Portrayal of Anorexia

  1. It’s very interesting that you commented that anorexia is not a trend, because I once wrote an article on just that. The idea that some people toy with it because they think it’s trendy, devaluing the struggle for every real sufferer. There actually is a statistical connection between people thinking anorexia is a glamorous, high-income disorder, and the rate of eating disorders. As my article writes, however, there is also statistical proof that this assumption is just dead wrong. If people only knew that eating disorders have no class, race or gender, perhaps it would stop being exploited in the media. I would like to give you a link to the full article, however, I currently maintain an anonymous blog and have my real name attached to that article. So if you would like to read it, please provide me your email.

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