Killing the voice

The Girl in the Kitchen

A friend of mine told me the other night that she feels I have an “addictive personality.”  I never thought about it, my mother does and she becomes attached to hundreds of things.  But I have never really thought about myself having that trouble.  I do things until I grow tired of them and then I stop.  The more I thought about it, the more I realized it’s not so much that I’m addicted to the drugs, the alcohol, or the cigarettes, it’s more that I’m addicted to the substance’s ability to kill the angry voice in my head.  When I’m intoxicated, by anything, the evil voice stops screaming at me as hard.  Oh sure, he screams twice as loud once I come down, but while I’m flying I’m free.  So everyday I try to kill the voice.

Unless you have experienced the voice, you cannot understand why I do…

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