It’s That Time

Okay I wish that a) I had someone to hold my hair all of last night and today, b) it was because of partying.

After my lovely post and all that wishful thinking about being sick, it finally cane true: I have some stomach virus.

So I told myself: work for 4 hours to get my duties done but that became 6 and she was even like, can’t you just take a nap and come back and work more?

Bitch, no. I have been throwing up. I need to go home.

She even commented on how pale and weak I looked.

But I can nap and work it off right?

HAHAHAHA I wish this were a dream. But my stomach is reminding me it is not.


3 thoughts on “It’s That Time

  1. Omfg. I wish you had thrown up on her shoes. (She probably would have critiqued it and then reported you for not doing it properly though….)

    *sigh* I’m at work hating my job right about now too. xx Hope you get to feeling better very soon.

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      • I am not much of a fan either. 😦 I know the feeling, not allowed to be sick. That is, until you get everyone else at work sick and then they’re all like “Omg why didn’t she stay home and keep her germs to herself!” Well, until they have to cover you. (bahahah! like anyone ever covers me!)

        Bah. Get well soon. (Muahs)

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