Happiness List Challenge

Today I read a blog post from The Life of an Anxious Teen where she made a list of things that made her happy. She listed 20 things.

Now I loooove to do lists. So much so that part of my OCD tendencies have me making lists to ease my anxieties.

So in addition to my daily Photo Challenges that I have been doing with Raison d’être and still invite people to join in on, I think I am going to aim for a weekly list challenge.

I will go through my Listography books [sooo addicted] and find a list topic for the week. I will then post the title similar as this week’s title. I will provide instructions if some are necessary.

I invite everyone to participate to any level they are comfortable!

You can be deep and analytical or soft and fluffy! It can be fun or self discovery!

Please join in!! If you end up doing it, just comment on mine and I will make sure to stop by yours! It will be a fun little community support thing to get in on! Please join in!!

* * * * *

This week is the Happiness List Challenge: What makes YOU happy?

I have done this one before so I am going to push myself a bit. I am going for 20 things, but I am not going to stop myself–just going to let it flow.

If you are only able to get 5, that is still great and should still be noted!! Maybe next week you will blow me out of the water!! The only competition is with yourself on this self discovery! And I just want to take the journey to get to know my fellow bloggers better!!

Cassie’s Happiness List

  1. My Nalgene bottle
  2. Starry skies
  3. Squirrels
  4. Music
  5. Hair accessories: flowers, ribbons, bows, head wraps
  6. Bubble wrap–feels good to pop
  7. Collages and collaging 
  8. Pink, the color
  9. My lava lamps
  10. Cake decorating
  11. Sitting by a fire in a fireplace
  12. Listening to the ocean, in person
  13. The smell of the ocean
  14. Dancing
  15. Helping others
  16. Holding hands [with anyone and everyone]
  17. Hugs
  18. Making lists [I told y’all I love it!!]
  19. Coloring
  20. Organizing
  21. Looking through my picture albums [specific ones I made for therapy purposes]
  22. Reading
  23. Sudokus 
  24. Playing with my nephew
  25. Spending time with my best friends
  26. PC
  27. Emails with Raison d’être
  28. Blog comment convos with K and a2eternity
  29. Kik with my friends’ daughters 
  30. Duolingo 
  31. My therapy cart: hair flower making station, collage section, stickers, cards, friendship bracelets, etc. a bunch of short term projects.
  32. Boots with the fur
  33. Making digital photo albums to print 
  34. Volunteering
  35. Teaching
  36. Nursing

    2 thoughts on “Happiness List Challenge

    1. Awwww love! I made your list? You just made me feel even more thankful that you’re in my world. I think this is a great idea and just what I needed today. I’ve been feeling sorry for myself all morning. Thank you for the positive spin on my day. (mmmuahs!)

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