It’s That Time

Photo courtesy of Google Images 

Today at the designated time, I was talking with my friends’ daughters via kik.

I was supposed to hangout with them earlier this week but thanks to this loving stomach virus, it just was not about to happen.

So we have been texting on kik everyday.

And my little tomboy told me last night, that she wants us to go back and get our mani pedis!! She only went the last time because she sensed I was hurting [back before Vegas] and got clear glitter on her toes.  She loved the calf massage.

Today, at the time, we were talking about how she wants neon green on her toes!! She finally heard me! She understands that in my tomboy years I still painted my nails…just not girly colors.

So we were talking about colors and I introduced her to neon blue.

To go with her hair. 😛

So this picture is the blue [for her fingers], green [for her toes], and pink [for my toes].

Just excited to share in this with her! To be able to do nails with her!


3 thoughts on “It’s That Time

  1. So in my other non-blogging life, I am a Jamberry girl. I SWEAR I am not trying to sell you any Jamberry, at all. I just read your comment on Grainne’s blog and she and I have lots in common and I saw you tagged anxiety, therapy, etc… and I just wanted to send out a hug to you. Can I please send you and your tomboy some COMPLETELY FREE Jamberry to do your nails or toes with? I PROMISE I am NOT trying to sell you anything. Just trying to put some good out in the world. Email me at your address and what kinds of styles you like. I wish I had the camo junior ones, but I don’t!! And if your girl has kid-size nails or regular/adult size nails. Grainne, you too, if you read this. You already know how to reach me – just tell me what would make you happy!

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