PLUR, Cassie, Ed’s Voice, & An Extra Player

I just had an awesome conversation where I introduced someone to the PLUR lifestyle. I am SO excited!!

Of course I am still high!! But apparently he said my passions were more apparent than usual… I am more open and free.

Ok so maybe he is technically the last guy I dated and we had hooked up a couple times. And I know PC does not want me hanging out with him because he and I banged. Even though the sex is dead to me and I care about this kid as a friend.

And especially now that he is making the effort to listen to and experience my lifestyle!! He listened! He is listening to my songs. My favorite EDM. I gave him some variety.

And PC told me to go to bed. 

I gave him my explanation why PLUR means so much to me.

Being a raver has such negative connotations but this guy never judges. Not that PC does.

But this kid did not cramp my high. He had a fun convo with me. Kept up with my passions. Let me explore myself.

Is that not one of the best parts of trips?

Here is mine.

Why I love the PLUR lifestyle:
[PLUR stands for Peace, Love, Unity, Respect]

  • I practice this. Daily. Naturally. When I rediscovered it I felt like I found my place; I fit in. This is me in 4 letters. Anyone who knows me agrees.
  • I am wearing a PLUR belly button right now to remind myself of who I am so I do not lose myself; my hidden reminder.
  • Even with all that is going on with me, I still seem to practice this. Naturally. It is my root instinct.
  • Automatic connections and friendships with those who believe in this lifestyle. 
  • I am still Jewish. But I do believe in PLUR and I am a raver. It is part of who I am.
  • The dancing. However you feel like. It is encouraged. I dance and when I do I just dgaf. I do me. Either you are dancing with me or are in my way so leave me alone. 
  • The colors. The glow in the dark.
  • The music. Duh.
  • They actually have artistry and skill.
  • Seeing peace in everyone; united together as one. Makes my heart happy.
  • The kandi. It endorses sharing. A craft that encourages sharing your skill and love with each other’s. It’s beautiful. 

My insight tonight:

  • Peace to those who hurt me, still. 
  • Love for all even if they don’t deserve it and continue to hurt me; you never know if you are the only one loving them. Because I can’t help that I’m a lover.

  • I’ll always hope for unity. I will always encourage it, endorse it, foster it. I am a leader. We need more of it.
  • And respect. It’s all I want.

Alright my head is heavy. I have PLUR on my mind. Maybe I’ll blog with my favorite PLUR and raver pics later on courtesy of Pinterest. 

I am going back to enjoying this rare opportunity.  Glitter and lava lamps going. Music caressing my skin and ears. Woozy. Nauseated.



3 thoughts on “PLUR, Cassie, Ed’s Voice, & An Extra Player

  1. Oh my God I love EDM, too!!! It’s so liberating and happy and beautiful. And the festivals… so filled with love and excitement! I went to Electric Circus last and had the time of my life 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Shut. Up!!! It so is!! I haven’t been to a festival because I have a social phobia in large crowds like that. But I have been to the clubs and those I’ve been okay with and they are amazing!!!

      I can only imagine!! Soooo envious!! I want to go to EDC but I have a latex allergy so with all the latex around I feel like I would be stupid to go since that place is NOTHING but latex. :[

      I love the PLUR lifestyle and live it!!

      Omg rave sister!!


      • Oh my Goodness I must have been high or something… I meant EDC!! haha… Electric Circus was this Canadian TV show I loved that played all EDM wwaaayy back in the 90’s!

        I’ve been to EDC and Electric Zoo and LOVED them, but dance clubs are amazing, too!! One of my favorite clubs is in an old, huge warehouse that has screens with beautiful and funky videos that surround almost the whole dance floor. And I’ve gotta say, I often prefer the drugs in the club scene to drinking because there are no calories and no hangover! (*shhhhh*… yes, as some one in health care I feel bad admitting that I partake in such activities :P)

        You’d be surprised just how open and spacious EDM festivals are! You don’t have to go into the crowds if you don’t want to – you can hear the music from far, far away! But yes, the latex would be a problem… My problem this year were all the skinny little things dressed in outrageous outfits and fat ‘ol me trying to cover everything up 😦 Can’t wait to get back in shape… the festival really did a number on my self-esteem.

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