The Sickness Saga

Oh it continues.

On day what now? You do the math…I am sick!! It has been since Saturday night.  

I am glad to say I have not bonded with the toilet in 24 hours!! Huuuge accomplishment!! I despise throwing up. It is one of the main reasons my purge behavior could only be excessive exercise.

The nausea is much better than yesterday as well. I am feeling it right now but nothing compared to last night.

I am still weak, pale, dizzy, and tired. Managed to pick up a cough [nurse in me figures my throat is sensitive from the acid irritation] and congested/runny nose.

Today was another day of sleeping, drinking, and peeing. And the BRAT diet which for me meant the T–toast and bread.

I had enough energy to paint my toes and finger nails! That was a big deal!

I am upset that I am not able to run this week!! But trying to focus on not physically being ill instead.

I would have finished season 3 of the OC if disc 6 worked… Apparently brand new package and jacked up disc?! Whyyyyyy?!?!? Fate can be so cruel!!

PC decided he has been a crappy boyfriend because I am apparently not needy so he decided today he was swinging by for a couple of hours to see me. This is all him–I have NEVER implied this or encouraged this thought.

We talked last night and he has been so busy focusing on work he possibly might have let me fall to the wayside. Basically because he expected me to be needy. Hahaha yaaaa I don’t do that. So he realized what day it was, how I was still super sick, and how long it has been since he has seen me. He is a fix it guy but there is no fix it solution to this stomach virus. If there was, I would have done it myself on Monday.

I digress. PC was upset. Today he showed up at my place with flowers in tow. Melted my sick little heart. Of course I know I look gross and pale–hahaha I saw it on his face [the pale and sick part not the gross part]. I got what I wanted: he held me.

My dad brought pizza–for him and PC–while I rocked my toast and queasiness. Then I kind of zoned out on PC’s shoulder while they male bonded.

It was so nice. He came through for me.

My silver lining to this sickness saga: my boyfriend is amazing. I love this kid. From the bottom of my sick toes.

I cannot think of anything else because I do not hsve the energy for it.


4 thoughts on “The Sickness Saga

  1. Awwww that’s a good boy! Was delighted to hear of your flowers. Dayne showed up at my office yesterday with a little bunch of flowers for me too…right after we’d had a fight-phone call over how I’m going to handle my work situation. He feels helpless too. I think it’s kind of cute that PC accused you of being too needy. Some men don’t understand women who aren’t latched to their side 24/7. I know this because am one who seeks company almost all of the time. But not too much company, you know? Just the company I want. (How does this keep turning into “all about Grainne” in comments? *Sigh*

    Muahs! Sounds like you’re kicking that virus. Keep nibbing on toast and drink lots of fluids, my lovely nurse. Always hardest to take care of yourself isn’t it? xx

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    • SO HARD!! No actually he accused me of not being needy enough! He wants me to be more needy. He said he got more involved with work because I wasn’t needy and such. I’m not one to complain. It’s hard for me.

      Whatever I love hearing your stories in comments! 😀


        • Hahaha right?! It would be a typical sarcasm spot right???! Nope he was actually upset at himself because he was truly relying on me to be needy. I guess his ex was demanding and needy.

          I know my little stud muffin. So silly. H wants to wait around my work for hours so he can bring me lunch since I don’t get a scheduled lunch. I was like that’s stressful for me!!!


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