Sickness Saga Still Continues

Overjoyed too soon.

It seems that I have vertigo and something else.

About three days ago I notice a band of “numbness” sensation [probably dull pain] upper abdomen below my rib cage. It radiates around my entire front chest but peaks at lower esophagus-stomach juncture.

So while the vertigo med has helped with the dizziness and most of the nausea, this pain is there and it is such a weird and awkward pain. And I still have nausea.

So I earned me a ticket back to the doctor’s office. To figure out what the hell is going on.

I want to treat this once and for all.

I’m thinking: ulcer, hernia [weird/random], or nerve damage related. Because idk what else it could be.

I’m going to the doctor tomorrow and basically telling them straight up: if you feel the need to admit me for further testing, it will have to wait 24hours. Even if they deem it acutely damaging.

Because, story of my life, this shit always happens before an interview. And I am interviewing Thursday.

Fingers crossed for Thursday.

So just get through the interviews and then whatever needs to be done medically I am alllll theirs.

Can we just fix this? Talk about a trigger–hard to fight an eating disorder when you are nauseated every waking second and you have a bizarre band of pain.


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