Kik Educated and PLUR Video

As I was chatting on Kik I was also playing around seeing all the features available. 

There is a chance to chat with Spotify for playlist suggestions as well as Jam for song suggestions. I have fallen for Jam.

Jam gives you actual music videos. Pretty legit!!

Well my first one is one of my classic faves: Without You by David Guetta ft Usher. 

Want to watch it? Check out Without You by David Guetta ft. Usher

As I watched the video I craved being there and dancing with them. Being part of the the rave scene. Then the video. It just completely encompasses the whole raver and PLUR movement.

Yes it is cheesy. No it cannot happen that way. But my heart skipped a beat and felt at home when the continents united and all the dancers and ravers ran together–hugging–and danced together.

That, my friends, is PLUR.


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