Me: A to Z List Challenge

This is the Me: A to Z List Challenge.

The rules are simple: using every single letter of the alphabet, describe yourself. :]

Use the above title. Let me know you did it and I will pop on over!

  • Assertive. Anorexic. Accountable. Advocate.
  • Bootylicious.
  • Compassionate and caring. Cassie!! Cake decorater. Crafter. Creative. 
  • Dancer.
  • EDM saved me. Eccentric. Empathetic. Eczema. Escape seeker.
  • Fighter. Friend.
  • Glow in the dark lover. Grateful. Gracious. General anxiety disorder. Gym rat.
  • Honest. Heart filled. Helpful. 
  • Infectious laughter. Initiative. Intolerant of bullying and bullshit.
  • Joker. Jackette of many trades.
  • Kid at heart. Kind.
  • Leader. Loves to learn. Lover. Listener.
  • Music lover.
  • Nurturer.
  • Optimistic. Observant. Overweight. OCD tendencies.
  • Passionate. PLUR. Pink.
  • Quirky.
  • Real. Recovering. Responsible. Raver.
  • Smiling through it all. Sassy. Social anxiety disorder.
  • Trustworthy. Training for 5k. Thoughtful. Taken.
  • Understanding. Unicorn. Unique.
  • Vivacious.
  • Willing to sacrifice for the ones I love and what I believe in.
  • Xtraordinary? 
  • Youthful spirit.
  • Zoo in my head. 

3 thoughts on “Me: A to Z List Challenge

  1. Love it! You are awesome, beautiful, and CUTE! Remember that, no matter what you believe in the moment, you are the hottest chica out there. Don’t ever forget to love yourself. This is a great start.

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