Highly sensetive people

With the exception of #6, spot on. Nailed it! I was always told it was because of the anxiety disorder that I am more empathetic and that by nature I was naturally empathetic. But this literally just outlined me.

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Thank you for all the great response on my last post!

However, I feel like I need to develop the part where I wrote that I see people’s emotions (I’ve re-written my last post to make it more clear). I do not literally see their emotions (although I wish I did because that would be amazing!), but when someone walks through the door I immediately pick up on it. And the reason I do this is because I’m a Highly Sensetive Person (HSP), a person with who has a more heightened awareness to subtle stimuli.

Canadian psychotherapist Dr. Elaine Aron have been researching on this for over 20 years, and has raised awareness on this concept, to make people with HSP able to understand themselves. I am very sure that I am a HSP, and that most of the people in my family are too. It’s genetic and inheritable.


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