It’s That Time– Sticky Subject

For those of you non-US citizens or even US citizens who have not heard about the politics going on in California recently, there has been a BIG debate about end of life choices. 

After a woman with a terminal brain tumor was told that to end her life she had to buy property and live x amount of time in Oregon before she could be a candidate for end of life “right-to-die” decisions and access to medications, this topic was renewed in California. Oregon is the only state that allows physician assisted suicide in very strictly regulated circumstances.

Until today.


This is huge. A BIG step! I have to research how much more till it is officially legalized because I am sure there are a million religious and other groups who will protest this. 

But let me tell you something. I have seen some of these people struggle and die horrible painful deaths. We know the outcomes for most of these diseases and cancers. Not everyone can be cured or get a transplant. Why not allow that person some dignity and a choice? And provide them comfort knowing that they did not accrue large amounts of healthcare debt for their families to acquire. 

Yup. Just because you die does not mean your bills vanish–your debt goes to your family. Hospitals and insurance companies want their money.

Everyone has their opinion and you are entitled to yours–but I ask you to respect mine as I respect yours.

I have seen things that I pray you never dream of let alone have to experience to know the benefit of this legislation.

I have a handful of passionate topics and I try not to bring up politics because they only make enemies. Even on my own blog I avoid them. I am pretty sure this post has offended some followers and I am sorry if it has.

But I am a patient advocate by nature–a voice for the voiceless. And no one hears or sees what the dying going through. May you never.


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