It’s That Time

Well, this just ties in PERFECTLY with my LoveMe challenge!! 

Today, I was doing some more work on PC’s birthday gift. His birthday is next week and I have several presents for him.

Whaaaaat I looooove giving gifts!!


Today, I had some down time and was able to work on one of my gifts for PC.


These are the labels to the present. Do these look gross? Like the handwriting? 

Here is the deal. I am trying to emulate this:


I love the handwriting but I think I jacked my version up!!

I also created cut out heart maps for each label above. While the frame is adorbs, I am putting it on cute stock paper and make it an adorable card. It will have the address, heart map, title, and a brief summary on each page.

Something special. And handmade. I have the cutout heart maps and locations. I just need to add to card stock and write my cute summary. Then hole punch, add ribbon, and voila!!

I cannot do a picture of the heart maps because of anonymity, but I will see if I can get a generic cover shot or something!!

I know it sounds super dorky and cheesy; especially for a 30+ year old. But I know he will love it! ❤

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